2nd of May

On the second day of May the Allied and the Germans ratified the truce on which they had agreed on April 30. For the aircrews this official truce mend that the number of drop zones was extended from five to eleven. The RAF and the USAAF had their own drop zones after May 1. The RAF continued dropping on Valkenburg, Duindigd, Ypenburg, Terbregge, Gouda and Meteo recce. The USAAF started dropping on airport Schiphol,  Vogelenzang, Bergen, Hilversum and Utrecht. 

Friesch Dagblad Wednesday 2 May 1945

The food delivery to occupied Holland
Also delivery by sea and land.

 The allied high command has announced that an arrangement has been made for the food delivery to occupied Holland. The German and Allied representatives have reached full agreement this Monday on the way in which the food will be delivered. The meeting was attended among others by lieutenant general Smith of the Allied headquarters, Prince Bernhardt as commander in chief of the interior forces. Of the German delegation Seys Inquart was one of the members. The Germans agreed with the Allied propositions. Experts worked the details of the transport out, broadcasts 'Herrijzend Nederland' (the radio station in London the re-rising Netherlands).

  1.  The transport by air. Ten areas have been agreed upon, where food will be dropped. This will take place between 7 AM and 3 PM. They will be able to prosecute their tasks unchallenged.
  2. The transport by sea. Rotterdam will be opened for supply ships carrying food. The Germans will secure these ships. The first ship is expected soon.
  3. Transport by land. The Germans have made one highway available. The first 1000 ton can be expected today.

3650 ton has already been dropped since Sunday. Yesterday, 400 American airplanes dropped 800 ton food in the vincity of the Hague and Rotterdam. On the last missions the aircraft that went airborne had to struggle through heavy rain and snow in order to reach their target. One of the pilots told that people had been waving table cloths and sheets. Thousands of people had rushed into the streets.


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The Manna Monument at Terbregge

At the exact spot of one of the dropzones overlooking the freeway at Terbregge is the Manna monument located. It symbolizes the belly of an allied bomber filled with food parcels. The monument has been the central location of the Manna / Chowhound commemorations since its unveilling in 2006. One year later the Air Commodore Geddes footpath was opened next to the memorial.

Diary of Norman Coats

May 3 - "Another mercy mission to Holland. We went deeper into Holland today. Very low altitude. I believe I must have waved at everyone in Holland. It is really a shame the ocean being turned into Holland. The great fields of tulips are beautiful. They had, "Thank You" spelled out with rocks. They could see me waving at them because they would point each others attention to it. Some of them had American flags waving them."