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More than food

Commemoration 2010

The Hague 1945

Duindigt 1945

Terbregge 2010
2015 The new book about Operation Chowhound. A great gift for anyone who had a family member in the USAAF or is interested in WWII in general. More info here or Buy directly.

26 march 2012 - New operation manna photocards from 1945 added to site.
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22 January 2012 - A moving letter.Letter from Belgium after a Chowhound misson and US Airman's wardiary
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27 november 2011 - New document in my collection: Ballad of the allied bombers that brougth food to hungered Holland.
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27 november 2011 - New document in my collection: Liberation booklet the Hague, printed in 1945.
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11 november 2011 - 400 photos from Operation Manna / Chowhound in Dutch archives online.
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24 october 2011 - New operation manna photos added to site.
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21 august 2011 - New operation chowhound photos added to site.
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15 august 2011 - New operation manna photos added to site.
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25 july 2011 - New operation chowhound photos added to site.
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29 april 2011 - New film footage of Operation Manna public.
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Photos of the Nanton Lancaster Museum in Alberta, Canada

List of ww2 footage on Operation Manna / Chowhound

Information about the 2010 commemoration is now available.

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9 march 2010 - The windmill at Terbregge now and then. You can find the photos here...
Terbregge 1945 - 2010

3 december 2009 - Manna related war documents and photos which I have added to my collection. You can find them here...
Proclamation - liberation Rotterdam

19 march 2008 - War memories and photos from Han Ketting (only Dutch so far)here...

9 sept 2007 - Received photos of the Manna and Chowhound missions, here...

9 sept 2007 - Overview of the Manna / Chowhound dropzones, here...

Recollections of Henry Cervantes,
100th Bomb group.
English version | Nederlandse versie

Herdenking bij het Manna monument. 28 april 2007. Klik hier voor de foto's

Klik hier voor foto's van de herdenking 2007
Commemorations at 28 April 2007
On Saterday there was a commemoration at the Manna monument at Terbregge. Location: The manna monument which is located in Nieuw Terbregge next to the highway A20. During the ceremony the road leading up to the monument was officially be named "Air Commodore Andrew Geddespad".

Childrens book
A childrens book about the Operation Manna missions of RCAF bomber "Bad penny". The book is called "A bad penny always comes back". cover of the book
More info about this new book on this website.
17 september 2006
A new Operation manna monument was unveiled at Terbregge. - 28 april 2006
See the photos of the unveiling here.
Added 3 May 2006
New photos of the food drop !!
provided by Andreas Huurman.
Added 17 January 2006
Jan van Atten, memories of the food dropping.
Dutch version only so far.
added 27 april 2005

Pieter van Marken,
A young Dutch boy that lived near Schiphol during the war.
Added October 17 2004.

John M. Stevenson,
navigator in the 153 Squadron RCAF
Added October 17 2004.

Website about the Airborne operation in Holland in September 1944:

Pictures of the dropping at Duindigt racetrack. Click here!

Youtube account opened for WW2 video's

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24 April 2007: New unpublished movie material of the Chowhound missions
Provided with the courtesy of Eugene Saletan. Download the movie here, filesize 2 MB

29 January 2007 - This website has become link of the day on tweede-wereldoorlog.klup.nl.

New: Author's small collection. Welfare Biscuit cans

Documentary online !
Andere Tijden, a dutch documentary program has spend his episode on 30 April 2006 on Operation Manna.
You can view the documentary with very interesting footage of the food drops here...
Even when you can not understand Dutch it is worth it to view the video.

Added 3 May 2006

Photos from the collection of Hans Onderwater, the author of two books on Operation Manna.
See the photos here
august 14, 2005
Photos from Kees Huyser:

Unique pictures added to the site!! (April 14, 2005)

I found this photo on an antique market in the Hague a while ago. If you have pictures of the food drop, pease email me.


Duindigt 2000
Pictures and news articles of the 2000 commemorations.

Claude Hall

A gunner on a B17 in the 390th Bomb Group.
A picture report of his Chowhound missions.

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More than food
The book on the Manna/Chowhound missions online on this website.
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Oscar Sinibaldi - 385th Bomb Group

Commemorations in May 2000
pictures of the commemorations in 2000 are on the site! Click here!

390th BG in Holland
pictures of a group 390th veterans visiting Holland in may 2000 Click here!

John Abott
In may 1945 the food did not only come from the sky. John Abott was one of the truckdrivers from the 49th Infantry Division that bought the food in by truck
See his account here.
Click here!

Norman Coats
Diary of a belly turret gunner in the 390th Bomb Group.
Click here!

Robert Miller
This pilot in te 493rd Bomb Group kept a diary while he was in England. See this young man's impressions of these remarkalbe flights.
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Pilot on the RAF airfield
Spud Taylor's diary entries

Spud was a Bomb aimer in the 149th Squadron of the RAF

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